What to look for in a dry herb vaporizer

If you've read the first part of this two-part series, you know the benefits of vaporizing cannabis, sometimes referred to as vaping cannabis. Now that you're informed of the benefits, it's time to pick out the perfect dry herb vaporizer for your needs. There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right cannabis vaporizer. Things to consider include price, quality and how often you'll be using it. We're here to help you be kinder to your lungs.

  1. The Price; When shopping around for a dry herb vaporizer, there are many options in various price ranges. One must consider their budget before purchasing and committing to a device. There are low-end, mid-end, and high-end dry herb vaporizers to choose from. The higher the price tag doesn't necessarily mean "high quality". Do your research and read reviews before choosing a dry herb vape. Make sure the quality and features are there that you’re seeking in the unit you choose.
  3. Warranty & Support; It's important to feel supported with your Dry herb vaporizer. It is good practice to check and see if there is a warranty on your device. It's also good to look into customer service and if the company offers customer support. At least one year warranty and local warranty support is key. Preferably you do not want to send your vaporizer to another country for warranty service.
  5. Portability and size; Dry herb vaporizers come in many different sizes and shapes. Smaller handheld vaporizers are easier for portability and on the go use, especially for travelling. There is also the option of "Tabletop" vaporizers. These are the larger dry herb vaporizers that are more suited for in-home use and aren't as easily portable, and usually need to be plugged in for operation.
  7. Heating method; The heating method, Conduction vs Convection, is something to consider when shopping around for a dry herb vaporizer. Conduction dry herb vaporizers heat the cannabis material by direct contact with the walls of the oven. Whereas this method will heat your cannabis faster, it also has the potential to not evenly heat your flower, which results in wasted flower or burnt plant material if you're not careful. Convection dry herb vaporizers heat the plant material by passing air through and around it, resulting in a cooler vapour that doesn't hit your lungs as harshly. This method of heating may take a bit longer, but it results in evenly heated plant matter.
  9. Temperature controls; Most dry herb vaporizers come equipped with either preset heat controls or customizable heat controls, so you're in control of the temperature. This allows you to choose the temperature and avoid scorching or combusting your dried flower. Single-digit temperature control allows for a precision customizable experience.
  11. Battery Life; Another factor to consider is battery life. Nothing will ruin a vape experience than gearing up for a session and finding your battery dead. To avoid such situations arising, look into reviews on the battery life before committing to a dry herb vaporizer. We suggest looking for a unit with at least 1 hour of battery life per charge.

Shopping around for a dry herb vaporizer can be intimidating at first. We want to make this experience easy and enjoyable. That's why our Gibson Kit is the perfect fit for the new cannabis consumer or seasoned cannabis connoisseur.

The Gibson Vaporizer System

The Gibson Dry Herb Vaporizer System is the complete solution for an enjoyable vaporizing experience. The Gibson takes away the uncertainty that can come with trying something new by providing you with a complete kit of expertly chosen components and the help you need to make the most of them.

BLifted stands behind the Gibson with a three year Canadian vaporizer warranty along with on-demand Canadian customer support if any questions or issues arise.

The Gibson allows consumers to experience the benefits of cannabis quickly. The vaporizer heats up in just 30 seconds. You can count on The Gibson to be gentle too, not only is it combustion free, but you can also customize the temperature for your comfort with single digit temperature controls.

The vaporizer provides 60 minutes of use time with a full charge and is USB rechargeable in only 3 hours.

The Gibson is ideal for individuals who value discretion, both on the go and during their sessions. The Gibson includes a non-descript odour-proof case with a combination lock, meaning it’s contents are also safe from curious eyes and hands. Instead of thick smoke, the Gibson emits vapour which has a light earthy odour that dissipates quickly.