The best strains for vaporizing cannabis

You’ve got your vaporizer and now you’re ready to try it out! What are the best strains to get the most of your dry herb vaporizer? When you go to your local recreational store, it can be hard to pick a strain. The options are endless and can be confusing, to begin with. Let us here at Blifted help you pick a strain or two to try. Two of our retailer partners are licensed cannabis stores. Check out Culture Rising in Milton, Ontario and The Canadian Cannabis store in Cookstown, Ontario.

How do I read cannabis containers?

Legal cannabis in Canada is required to have the THC and CBD content listed on each package. Many consumers have no idea what the numbers and percentages mean on their cannabis. The package displays the THC in terms of mg per gram. Luckily for us, it’s easy to convert to find the THC or CBD percentage.

For example, Let's say you have 3.5 grams of Blue Dream and the THC per mg is 185mg/per gram,

Move the decimal;
Total THC: 185mg/g
Total THC: 18.5%

What strains should you try?

The options at most recreational stores are endless. Contrary to popular belief, High THC isn’t the most important factor in deciding what strain of cannabis to purchase. Other elements to consider are the terpenes present. Terpenes are truly the deciding factor in what experience you’re looking to have when vaping your cannabis. A few licensed producers are starting to list the terpene content on their packaging, but it’s best to do your research beforehand.

To learn more about terpenes, read our terpene blog here!

This Sativa dominant hybrid is an excellent daytime strain to use in your dry herb vaporizer. With its earthy and citrus undertones, the sweet aroma it produces will ignite your senses. This strain is high in the terpene caryophyllene, the only known terpene that binds to your cannabinoid receptors. Caryophyllene is known for its anti-anxiety properties and anti-inflammatory properties as well. This terpene can be accessed by setting the temperature on your dry herb vaporizer at 130℃ (290℉).

This indica dominant strain is known for its pleasant fruity aroma. With notes of mango, papaya and citrus this strain is a total fruit explosion of flavours. Upon the exhale you’ll notice hints of a deep earthy taste with a lemony finish. This strain is high in the terpene limonene which is known for its mood-enhancing qualities and stress relieving abilities. To access and reap the full benefits of limonene, set your dry herb vaporizer temperature to 176℃ (349℉).

Picture yourself in a blueberry field, it’s morning just after the sun has come up. It’s quiet and still. You stop yourself, close your eyes and inhale the sweet smell of berries, pine trees, fresh morning air, and dew speckled earth. Blue Dream is known for its higher terpene content of pinene. Pinene is known to increase alertness in users and offer a more awake and uplifting feeling when consumed. Adjust the temperature on your dry herb vaporizer to 156°C (329°F)

This cultivator produced by TGOD is certified organic and grown in living soil. This widely popular strain is known for its relaxing and sedative effects. One of the strains’ dominant terpenes is myrcene. This terpene is known for its relaxing effects and produces a pleasant aroma of musky, earthy and herbal tones. To access this terpene using your dry cannabis vaporizer, it is recommended to set your temperature to 167℃ (333℉). This strain is great for a night in relaxing on the couch or in larger quantities for helping you fall into a peaceful slumber.

This earthy, floral strain is known for its high levels of terpene Linalool. This strain is known for its relaxing and sedative qualities. Many users advise those who plan to consume this strain that they bunker down for a relaxing evening on the couch. In larger quantities, users report feeling sleepy and are able to fall into a restful slumber. Linalool is activated when you set your dry herb vaporizer to 198℃ (388℉).

* A side note about HousePlant;
Announced on July 28th, Canopy Growth and Seth Rogen have mutually agreed to end their partnership. Some HousePlant products are available across Canada until September as quantities last. Check out your local retailer to snag a piece of legal cannabis history. Read more here.

We hope this blog helped you find a new strain to try next time you’re browsing. These are just a sample of the many options we have within Canada. Brands vary from province to province based on supply and demand. To learn more about vaping cannabis and its benefits we invite you to check out our library.