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Our Mission

To educate and help cannabis consumers learn and experience the benefits of vaporizing dry herb cannabis.

Our Story

When David was starting his medical cannabis journey he had read about dry herb vaporizing on the internet. The part that spoke most to him was the rapid onset of relief without the harms associated with smoking (aka combustion). When he asked his healthcare team about vaporizing cannabis he was advised to visit his local ‘head shop’ to find out more.

When he got there he was met with an array of options. Without healthcare advice, he had to make decisions about his care based on information from a retail employee with no medical training.

When he got home with his vaporizer purchase, he was embarrassed to admit that although the retail employee had gone through how to use it with him, most of the information was lost. He dug through incomprehensible manufacturer instructions, sat through YouTube videos and even went back to the retailer for help.

Over the years he spent thousands of dollars trying different vaporizers and accessories. To try to help others avoid a similar experience, BLifted was established in 2018.



Sherri grew up in the age of D.A.R.E. but has seen the benefits of Cannabis first hand. Firmly believing in harm reduction she believes in the wellness potential of vaporizing.


Having personally experienced the challenges of living with a chronic illness and the difficulty of finding the right treatment, David is eager to share his knowledge of Cannabis.



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The Gibson

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