Differences between medical and recreational cannabis

October 17th, 2018 Cannabis was legalized for adult recreational use in Canada. This opened a whole new world to Canadians and made cannabis more accessible. Now that cannabis is legal, many people are unaware of the difference between medical and recreational cannabis. Both have their positive aspects and here at BLifted, we can help you get your Medical Cannabis Authorization through one of our medical partners such as World Cannabis Academy. We can also direct you to our awesome retailers who carry recreational cannabis products. The laws between medical and recreational cannabis vary. We are here to help break it down for you.

Recreational Cannabis

The options within our legal stores are endless and it’s an easy way to obtain cannabis safely. When you’re purchasing cannabis from a legal retailer, you can rest assured knowing the product is safely packaged in a sterile environment and all the products are accurately dosed to assure consistency and efficiency. Legal cannabis retailers carry products such as dried flower, pre-rolls, oils, capsules, topicals, various edible products and beverages. Each province has taken their approach to cannabis retail stores. The laws vary slightly from province to province, so it is best to do your research beforehand. Learn more here.

A summary of the high-level points of the laws are as following;

  • The legal age for cannabis consumption recreationally is 19+ in all provinces except Alberta (18+) and Quebec (21+)
  • Adults of legal age can possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or the equivalent in a non-dried format in public.
  • Grow up to four plants ( Except in Quebec and Manitoba where growing cannabis for personal use is prohibited).

Retail cannabis stores cannot legally give medical advice. Budtenders in retailers are unable to suggest products to help alleviate pain, sleep disorders and more. Medical professionals can only offer said advice. It is best to consult a medical professional who’s educated in cannabis to find out what’s best for your ailments. BLifted is partnered with two recreational cannabis dispensaries here in Ontario. Culture Rising in Milton, Ontario is a great small dispensary selling recreational cannabis and accessories, including our Gibson Kit. We’ve also partnered with the Green Merchant, another great recreational cannabis shop located in Toronto on Yonge & Bloor.

Medical Cannabis

The Canadian Cannabis Act came into play in July of 2001 in Canada. This allowed Canadians to access cannabis for medical purposes through registered licensed producers. Accessing cannabis for medical purposes has become an easier process as many medical clinics now arrange for appointments with medical professionals online or via phone calls. The medical practitioner will discuss your medical history and help you decide what’s best for you. Becoming a medical cannabis patient has additional benefits as well.

  1. Possession limits- As a medical cannabis user you can legally carry up to 30 times your daily prescription limit or 150 grams, whichever is less. Medical cannabis users can carry the 30 grams that are allotted for recreational use as well.
  2. Under the Cannabis Act, the legal age for recreational cannabis use is 19. With medical cannabis use, there is no minimum age for use due to the fact it is prescribed and managed by a health professional.
  3. As a medical cannabis consumer, you can consume your cannabis in areas where tobacco use is permitted.
  4. Compassionate pricing; When you fall under a certain income bracket you can apply for compassionate pricing with some Licensed Producers. This allows you to access your medical cannabis at a lower price point to make it more affordable.
  5. Insurance Coverage; Some insurance companies will now cover a portion or all of the cost of your medical cannabis prescription under your insurance coverage.
  6. Taxes; At the end of the tax year you can claim your medical cannabis expenses as a medical cost on your yearly tax return. This means you could get back a portion of the money you’ve spent on your medical cannabis.
  7. Access to a larger variety of therapeutic options such as high CBD strains and products. As well as transdermal patches, soft gels and a variety of topicals.
  8. Medication interactions; A medical professional will be able to help you navigate medical cannabis and be able to tell if something will interact with any medication that you’re currently on.
  9. Human Rights; Medical cannabis patients have more rights and employers may have to accommodate these rights. Along with housing and driving*, a medical cannabis user has more protection.

    * Medical cannabis patients in Ontario are exempt from the zero-tolerance drug rules for driving.

    Source: SheCann Cannabis.

A great medical cannabis option is Patient Choice. This online retailer is a great option for those looking for a diverse collection of cannabis products. Patient Choice also carries our Gibson Kit. This means you can purchase the kit and get your medical cannabis at the same time.

We are fortunate to live in a country that allows us the freedom of choice between medical or recreational cannabis. Both have their benefits And offer us different solutions for our individual needs. We hope this blog helps you learn more about the difference between medical and recreational cannabis, To learn about some great strains to vaporize, check out one of our newest blogs here.