All About Cannabis Smoking


When we refer to smoking we're talking about inhaling the smoke from igniting dried plant material. Usually, when you smoke cannabis, you would either roll it into a joint or use a pipe. Both help to contain the herb and direct the smoke toward you.


Pipes offer portability and convenience. Ready to go with you, a basic pipe is simply a bowl with a straw. Ignite the contents of the bowl and inhale through the straw. We recommend inserting a metal screen into the bowl to stop the embers from entering the straw and your mouth. Pipes rarely have any filtration.

Joints are rolling papers surrounding ground cannabis. Depending on the tools at hand a joint could include a filter.

One of the main benefits of the water-pipe over the joint or pipe is water filtration. In the water-pipe, smoke gets pulled through water which serves to cool and filter the smoke. As most water-pipes are glass, transporting a water-pipe requires a well-padded and smell-proof case.

All are easy to use, but a joint requires more manual effort during the rolling process, where cleaning requires effort for a pipe or water-pipe.

Pipes and water-pipes vary greatly in their design, and resulting cost. Generally, a water-pipe is more costly to purchase upfront but doesn't require much in maintenance expenses. The opposite is true of joints. Even though it doesn't cost much to get started you have the ongoing expenses of buying papers and filters.


We recommend using hemp wick with any method. Light the hemp wick, and then use it to ignite your cannabis. This preserves the flavour of the cannabis bypassing the taste of butane gas.

Waterpipe Joint


Case required


Ease of Use

Very easy, load and go

Requires technique or other tools



Can be added


$$ - $$$


Complete kit with accessories