All about Decarboxylation and ABV

The THC that is found in the cannabis flower that you buy or grow is not activated for use in edibles and topical creams. That means that unless you take the right steps to prepare your cannabis, you’re missing out on many of the benefits.

THC activation happens when the cannabis is heated in a process called decarboxylation or decarbing. This can be accomplished by using an oven on low heat to roast the cannabis. The longer the cannabis is heated the more THC is used up, so darker brown colours indicate less potency.

Another way to decarboxylate your cannabis is to vaporize it in The Gibson complete vaporizing system. The result of this process is often called ABV (Already Been Vaporized) or AVB (Already Vaporized Bud) which is simply cannabis that has been heated through a vaporizer. The process of vaporizing is very similar to the process of decarbing, but has the added benefit of the ability to inhale the vapour. This allows you to use your cannabis twice.

The activated cannabis is ready for use to infuse oils, create tinctures or press into capsules. You can even add it into a post workout protein shake.

Follow this link to see the decarb instructions included with our free ecookbook.