Our Promise

Our promise is to help you enjoy a unique cannabis experience, be it therapeutic, medicinal or recreational. We will do this by providing you honest and professional advice, quality products that deliver the results you want, and service that lets you buy with confidence. BLifted believes the best cannabis experience comes from responsible use.

Kits Designed for YOU

Each kit we offer is designed to make cannabis an easy and enjoyable experience. From the occasional recreational user to daily consumers, our kits are made from premium products that have been tested for quality, durability, and ease of use.

Every BLifted kit is provided in a discreet and durable case ideal for both travel and storage.


BLifted is a proudly Canadian company. All of our kits are assembled in Ontario, and we prioritize North American companies when sourcing our kits. We aim to create and encourage best practices for cannabis consumption.

Glad you can join us.