Pulsar Faberge Ball Water Pipe - 7.5" - Purple
Pulsar Faberge Ball Water Pipe - 7.5" - Purple

Pulsar Faberge Ball Water Pipe - 7.5" - Purple

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The Pulsar Faberge Ball water pipe stands at a compact 7.5" and features a diffuser down stem and a colourful egg style design for cool smoke circulation. With its unique look and style, this egg-shaped waterpipe adds style to your smoking space.

The Pulsar Egg Ball tastes amazing thanks to its design, allowing the water to keep your smoke cool and fresh.

Stand out from the rest and offer your guests a smoking experience they simply will not forget. Smoking pipes have never felt or looked better; this is the real deal! Add water to the Egg, sit back and enjoy, there is nothing more to it than pure enjoyment.

This 7.5” glass Egg comes with a diffuser down stem and a 14mm male herb slide. Nothing is easier than using the Pulsar Egg, even other methods of smoking feel like a hassle compared to simply topping up this piece with your favorite weed.

Buy your Pulsar Faberge Water Pipe today and be the proud owner of one of the most stylish and easy-to-use pipes in the smoking industry. Shop for your Pulsar Egg and have it delivered to your doorstep now. Get free shipping to Canada when you order your Pulsar Egg.

Features & Specs:

  • 5" glass water pipe
  • Diffuser down-stem
  • 14mm male herb slide
  • Coloured accents