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  • STR8 Drop Tested, Dust Proof, Waterproof, Locking, Customizable Foam Case - 10" with 3 Layers of Pre-Cut Foam - Wolf Grey
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Anyone familiar with the joys of cannabis knows that carrying and storing our equipment is sometimes a bit of a pain. Between the weed itself and all the accessories, we often end up spreading our apparatus all over the place and filling all of our pockets.

This can lead to losing some of our equipment. What is more, marijuana and the furnishings that accompany it can emanate an odor that we don’t want lingering around our homes or when we are carrying them. This is where cannabis cases come into play.

Using the right weed storage box means you can keep all your gear in one place, and also keeps it from smelling. Not only that, but it allows you to transport all your cannabis and keep your equipment safe, away from unwanted eyes.

Our cases are made from premium materials and use the latest smell-proof technologies, guaranteeing safety, discretion, and convenience. No more mess, your cannabis equipment is now safe, tidy and easy to carry.

Browse our selection of cases and look through the best quality brands on the market, including Str8, Cali Crusher, Dime Bags, Erbanna River, Randy’s, Ryot, and Stashlogix. Our cases are not just any cases, they truly specialize in being the best solution for all your cannabis apparatus.

Buy the weed carrying case that fits your needs today, whether you are looking for something to transport your weed or your whole equipment, we have you covered with the best selection of weed storage cases on the market.

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